Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Best but Wussiest Boots Ever

Below is the review I posted on Amazon, complete with link.  I totally hearted these boots, and I am still really sad that they were so cheaply made.  And now that I think about it, they leaked.  And, being from Forks, where it rains 300+ days per year, waterproof boots are kind of important and it is especially important that your boots actually be waterproof.  Silly me.  I miss them, but they are now happily (or unhappily) on a shelf in a Goodwill somewhere.  Maybe someone will get them and invest in a second re-soling.  Haha.

Blowfish Women's Wildlife Boot,Chocolate Leather,7.5 M US

I adore these boots. They are so comfortable and get tons of compliments... BUT I had to rate them a three because of the poor quality. I expected a slightly better product for the price. The soles are very thin, the heel is cheaply made, and the toe was separating from the sole after only a few months. I am pretty hard on my boots... they are worn a lot. After only 4 months, I had to have them resoled, which wasn't cheap. He didn't recommend it because they weren't leather and weren't well made, but I went ahead anyway. That has extended their life to almost a year. What a bummer... because I love them!! 

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