Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oops, I am a Contradictor

Well, I guess I am a contradictor of myself... I just read this review that I wrote on Amazon about the Nine West Women's Nuri Knee High Boot on June 27, 2010.

"These boots are fantastic! True to size, well made and so comfortable. The first time I wore them, I was in them for about 10 hours and my feet didn't hurt at all! I don't recommend wearing them in the rain though. They aren't waterproof and they get water spots on them very quickly."

Oops, and I just dissed Blowfish earlier about making a boot that wasn't waterproof.  So, I had to revise my theory on boots.  If they are super hot, like the Nine West Nuri... then they can get away with being non-waterproof.  But if they are built to look cute and somewhat durable, like the Blowfish boot, then they should also be a decent amount of water-resistant. 
But, it could also be all my bad for not treating my boots.  I guess if I loved my shoes as much as I say I do, then I would have treated them with some water-resistant stuff, right?  I guess I just haven't thought about it until now.  Ironic, I know, since I live in a rainforest.  Any recommedations on water resistant stuff out there?
Oh well.  Back to the Nuri boot.  I wrote this review over a year ago, and I still totally love these boots.  They have stood up well to my wear and tear and are still cute and in great condition.  I don't wear them on rainy days, because I don't want wet toes, but as far as durability and comfort, they are at the top of my list. 
I also get tons of compliments when I wear them.  They go great with skirts and skinny jeans, and they are slim enough that you can tuck them under regular jeans as well.  I did that for a really long time until I worked up the nerve to wear skinny jeans again.  Now I love them (the skinny jeans).
Anyway, Nine West can do no wrong in my book.  I haven't found a pair of Nine West shoes that aren't true to size, comfortable or amazing... so they are my fall back brand.  Boots like the Nuri just reinforce that opinion for me. 

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