Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Balance Minimus Zero Trail

In April of this year, I bought a pair of New Balance Minimus Zero Trail shoes.  Here's the link to the website.   Since then I have put almost 120 miles on them.  I switch them on and off with my Vibram Five Fingers, so it's kind of a guesstimate.

They have been great.  I usually wear socks with them, but I have also found that they feel fine without socks.  As promised on the New Balance website, they are completely odor-resistant.  I have put mine through enough gunk to know!  They also wash well in the machine.  I've put them in to wash covered in all sorts of mud and after they have hung dry, they look like new.

They grip well on the muddiest of trails, and I've run with them on pavement too.  They work great with a mid-foot strike, and I never had any issues with blisters or chafing.  I love how lightweight the Minimus Zero shoes are.  Although, they seem to attract water!  Absolutely no water resistance, whatsoever... but, paired with a warm pair of socks, it doesn't matter.  If you go out for a run in the rain, you have to plan on returning soaking wet!

I only have one complaint.  Both shoes have developed holes in the upper, right where my foot bends when running, just in the spot where the foot creases above the toe.  So, each shoe has two holes on the left and right side.  It kind of bums me out because the soles are still in good shape, and I feel like I should be able to put at least another 50ish miles on them.  However, I don't know when the hole is going to spread right across.

I really like these shoes.  And I like New Balance shoes in general, but the durability of the uppers was a disappointment.  If they make that part a little tougher, I will most definitely buy a replacement pair!

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