Friday, February 17, 2012

Vibram Five Fingers - Speed!

This is my first pair of Vibrams.  I had been wanting to buy a pair for a long time, but was nervous about breaking myself into them, as I had read and heard a lot about the adjustment required to get your body used to running without the cushion and heel height that a normal pair of running shoes gives.  There is definitely a break in period.  Go slow and be patient!

I bought mine at Poulsbo Running.  It was great to be able to try on a whole bunch of different styles of minimal shoes and run and hop around in them for as long as I wanted.  Sizes are different, and I highly recommend trying them on before you buy.

The style of the Speed appealed to me, because I felt like I had more control over how tight they were, since they lace up like regular running shoes. My only complaint is that the tongue isn't connected on the sides to the shoe, so sometimes it pinches... I have to wiggle it around to get it just right.

I don't generally care what my running shoes look like, but the bright blue is just a bonus!  So far, I really like them. I didn't buy the toe socks, so I have just been throwing them in the wash and hanging them to dry.  They are holding up really well.  They are sturdily made and the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.

If you have been thinking about a barefoot shoe, I recommend the Vibrams.  You can feel every little rock, but that's part of the awesomeness of running in barefoot shoes! Right? Right!

**Update:  I have put well over 200 miles on these shoes, and they are still in decent shape.  I see some wear in the sole (which is to be expected) but the uppers are extremely durable.  They did get a little bit of a funky smell after getting wet one too many times.

I also must say that they are a fair weather shoe.  Since it has started getting colder, I definitely need to add some toe socks.  Not being able to feel my toes when running has kind of sucked.  I plan on getting a pair of Ininji or Smartwool toe socks, but even my generic Christmas toe socks held up well and fit.

Doesn't look good.... but they felt okay!

I'll definitely be buying a second pair of the Speed, but I am holding out for the tougher version.  I found out that they have the Men's style out... so I am just waiting patiently and trying a pair of Saucony Hattori and Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail in the meantime!

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  1. I have Merrel Barefoot shoes with vibram soles. They are not five finger but they are great recovery shoes.

    BTW, you are a winner, but I am unable to e-mail you. Check my blog. :D